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Places to Visit

Durgambika Temple:
Sri Durgambika Temple is very popular and biggest temple in the city. It is located in old Davanagere ie., Halepet in Shivajinagar. Surrounding this temple area is called "DEVARA HATTI". According to legend, around 200 years ago a stone brought from Duggatti village worshipped as Godess Durgamma known by different names such as Dugamma, Durgavva, Durgambika, etc., During 1932, the small temple was converted into a beautiful and biggest temple. Every Tuesday and Friday, a special pooja is arranged by the Committee. Once in 2 years a grand fair will be celebrated by the Hindu religious people regularly. People from far off district like Chitradurga, Haveri, Bellary, Dharwad, Shimoga etc., take part in this occasion.

Kundwada Kere:
Kundwada Kere is situated on the left side of Poona-Bangalore NH4 bypass road near Kundwada village of the Davanagere city. The catchment area of Kundwada kere is nearly 253 Acres. Recently, it was rennovated and treated as Summer Water Storage Tank. The capacity of the tank is 20 MLD. Water supply facility provided by the tank covers more than 50% of the city area from past 2 years. Kundwada Kere adds to the beauty of the city. Now, Davanagere City Municipal Council has made a resolution to rename Kundwada Kere as " KUNDWADA KERE- RENNOVATED S. S. MALLIKARJUNA SAGARA "

Chennagiri Rangappa Clock Tower:
Sri Chennagiri Rangappa Clock Tower foundation stone was laid by Sir Mirja Ismail, the then Deewan of Mysore province during 1937 and it was inaugarated during 1961 by Sri. T Subramanya, the then Hon'ble LSG Minister of Mysore. The entire cost of construction of Clock tower was beared by Sri. Chennagiri Rangappa. The height of the Clock tower is about 75 feet.

Comprehensive Water Supply Scheme (T V Station):
Davanagere city Ist stage water supply scheme was started during 1917 from the Tungabhadra river near Harihara town as source with 4.5 MLD. This water became inadequate during 1969-70. So Comprehensive Water Supply Scheme was taken up with the Bhadra canal as source to the extent of 18.00 MLD which is treated as Summer Storage Water Tank. The catchment area of the storage tank is about 38 Acres and the capacity of the storage tank is about 45 Gallons, which will be supplied for about 40-45 days to the public during summer season. Usually, In summer season publics make visit to T V Station and hence it is a picnic place .

St. Thomas Church:
St. Thomas Church was built during 1946 in P J Extension (Prince Jayachamarajendra Extension) 6th Cross and it was rennovated as a big church during 2002. The Roman Catholic Christians make regular vist to this church on every Friday and Sunday. The Christmas Fest is celebrated on a grand scale in the church.

Bathi Gudda:
Bathi Gudda is situated 4 km from Davangere city towards Harihara, from the top of this hill city looks beautiful. On this Hill there is a Temple and Dargah where believers go for prayers and mercies. Chaman Sha Wali Dargah of Baathi is a famous place of visit for all communities. Every year there will be a festivities conducted jointly by all the community leaders. Beside this hill Bhadra sugar factory & Bathi lake are situated. you can even visit the Davangere Dairy located in Bathi, which supplies milk to Davanagere and Chitradurga district.

Kondajji is situated around 12 km from Davangere city. It’s a major scout and guides camp for south India which is named in the commemoration of Kondajji Basappa. In Kondajji there are 3 hills, a lake and boating is available.

Soolekere (Shanthi Sagara):
Soolekere (Shanthi Sagara) near Davangere, is a major water supply source and also second largest pond in Asia. It was built by namesake Princess Shanthi during 12th century. Now it is a water source for both drinking and agriculture. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshwara near the lake. An Aqueduct designed by Sir M Vishweshwariah is also a major tourist attraction. The government is taking steps to spruce up tourist attractions in the area.

Eshwara Temple :
The Eshwara Temple at Anekonda is a neat little one in the Hoysala style. It was restored about 1912 with mud walls and plastered. Originally it had three cells, though there are only 2 at present, the south cell being no longer in existence and a navaranga. The garbhgriha door-way is well executed and has figure of Gajalakshmi in the middle of the lintel. The sukhanasi door-way, which is also good, has ornamental screens at the sides and figure of Siva on the lintel flanked on the left by Vishnu and Subramanya and on the right by Brahma and Ganapati with makaras beyond these on both the sides.

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